Tesla's Legacy: Unveiling the Enigmatic Genius and His Impact on Today's World 

Explore Tesla's extraordinary legacy, his groundbreaking inventions, and their contemporary impact on technology and climate manipulation. 

The Enigmatic Skies: Unraveling the Crimson Phenomenon of 1908

An enigmatic phenomenon unfolded during those days - the skies over America, the Atlantic, and Europe turned an unusual shade of crimson. Mysterious dark clouds appeared, devoid of rainbows, while newspapers reported sightings of glowing fireballs.

The Tunguska Explosion: Siberia's Startling Catastrophe

The year was 1908, and a sense of foreboding gripped the hearts of many. Across Europe, deranged preachers predicted the apocalypse, and within various cults, the number of suicides and ritualistic human sacrifices surged.

The Astonishing Aftermath of the Tunguska Explosion

Then, on June 30th, 1908, the heavens above the Tunguska River in the Krasnoyarsk region blazed red, shattering the tranquil silence of the Siberian taiga, interrupted only by the distant hum of the Trans-Siberian Railway. This event marked the most significant "natural" explosion ever recorded in the annals of human history.

The Tunguska Event: A Natural Explosion Unlike Any Other

Across a vast expanse of 2,200 square kilometers, an astounding 80 million trees fell in a linear pattern. Reindeer, horses, and cows fled in panic, dogs howled mournfully, and birds streaked across the sky in disarray.

Exploring the Enigma of Tunguska: Meteor Impact or Human Action?

The scale of destruction surpassed that of the Hiroshima bomb by thousands of times, with estimates reaching a staggering 40 megatons of TNT. The tremors reverberated all the way to London, and for days, the skies over Europe and Asia were so brightly illuminated that people struggled to discern day from night.

Experts of the time attributed the cataclysm to the impact of a colossal meteor in Siberia. However, it would be 19 years later when a Russian meteor expert, Leonid Kulik, embarked on a two-month journey to the site of this colossal catastrophe. Despite his exhaustive efforts, Kulik never located the impact crater or any remnants of an extraterrestrial body.

Nikola Tesla: The Visionary Inventor Behind the Tunguska Mystery

Such devastation could have obliterated an entire metropolis, but fate dictated that this event transpired in one of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the Earth. Russian scholars theorize that this was no mere coincidence and that the Tunguska explosion was the result of the actions of a single man.

Tesla's Towers and the Illuminated Skies of the Atlantic

This extraordinary individual was a visionary, decades ahead of his contemporaries, and an inventor of a thousand marvels that have shaped the world for over a century. The U.S. government compelled him into clandestine military endeavors until the end of his days, and his groundbreaking ideas form the very bedrock of today's most advanced technologies.

The Tunguska-Tesla Connection: Unraveling the Theory

His name alone suffices to evoke awe - Tesla, Nikola Tesla.

Born not in Smiljan but within the hallowed confines of an Orthodox Church in Smiljane, Lika. His birth on Vidovdan in 1856, amidst a tempest of great symbolism, foretold a remarkable life destined to conclude on Christmas of the 43rd year of the subsequent century. In later years, his birth date would be recorded according to the Gregorian calendar due to military requirements.

Tesla's Earth-Shattering Experiments: From New York to Tunguska

From his towers on Long Island, near New York, Tesla regularly illuminated the skies above the Atlantic. In the spring of 1908, "The New York Sun" proclaimed the Atlantic's night skies filled with electricity, with sailors reporting they could read newspapers at midnight.

A dozen years before the Tunguska explosion, Tesla nearly leveled New York when he inadvertently caused an earthquake while experimenting in his laboratory. The cause was a small vibrator attached to metal, which he activated, leading to the collapse of buildings. Swiftly, Tesla intervened, shattering the vibrator with a hammer, and thus saving the city from complete devastation.

The Tunguska-Tesla Connection: Unraveling the Theory

During a press conference, Tesla promised journalists a demonstration of a device capable of unleashing the destructive forces that could alter the course of a river. To their amazement, he produced a tiny vibrator from his pocket and proclaimed:

"I can create oscillations in the Earth's crust powerful enough to divert any river in the world from its bed."

At a location known for centuries as sacred to the American Indians, in Colorado Springs, Tesla erected one of his two experimental towers. These very towers, situated on Long Island and in Colorado Springs, coincidentally resided precisely at the epicenter of the Tunguska explosion. Tesla, not needing precise coordinates, had already ordered several maps of Siberia from the U.S. Congressional Library back in 1906.

Russian academician Dimitrij Strepkov theorized that during this experiment, Tesla inadvertently disturbed the ionosphere, thereby triggering the catastrophic Tunguska explosion. Elena Freeland further explored this notion in her book "Chemtrail Tracks and the Total Dominance of Planet Earth."

Tesla's Final Endeavor and the Mystery of the Destroyed Tower

This experiment marked Tesla's final endeavor, and in 1917, the U.S. military demolished his tower on Long Island. Newspapers of the time playfully remarked that "Tesla was merely playing around in Tunguska." Tesla himself never commented on the destruction of his tower, carrying his enigmatic secret to his final days.

.Tesla's Legacy Unveiled: The Government's Seizure of Belongings and Patents

Seventy-three years after Tesla's death and based on the Freedom of Information Act, the U.S. government disclosed that in 1943, they confiscated two trucks worth of his belongings and patents. The seizures were carried out by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a military intelligence service with a division dedicated to scientific discoveries.

The Secret Custodians of Tesla's Documentation: Feynman and John Trump

It was only in 2016 that the public learned about the process used to take possession of Tesla's complete documentation. The documents ended up in the hands of scientist Richard Feynman, who would later be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, building upon Tesla's work. The other portion of the documents was retained by John Trump, the paternal uncle of Donald Trump, and later used for political purposes.

Unveiling Tesla's Vision: The Civilization of the Information Era

Tesla was a man ahead of his time. As early as 1893, he was working on remote control, which forms the foundation of robotics. In 1895, he penned the "world system" in 12 points, outlining the civilization of the information era that we live in today. This was an era without automobiles, where balloons still floated, cowboys rode in New York, and Native Americans herded cattle along the Hudson River.

Tesla's Weather Manipulation: Artificial Rain-Making and Its Consequences

In 1901, Tesla caused a flood by condensing moisture, creating the basis for contemporary artificial rain-making, which can have both positive and negative consequences. It is beneficial in certain situations, like the one described on June 3rd, but today, Tesla's inventions are predominantly used for malevolent purposes.

The Dark Side of Tesla's Discoveries: New Forms of Weaponry and Human Psychology

Based on Tesla's research, new forms of weaponry have been developed to influence tectonic processes, climate, and human psychology. The problem lies in the fact that this development does not adhere to Tesla's moral worldview; instead, it is prone to the misuse of scientific discoveries for military purposes.

Supercell Storms and the Frequency of Fear: Manipulating Public Perception

In a country where the arrival of buses remains uncertain, the announcement of storms is precisely timed in newspapers like "Blic." However, these are not ordinary storms but supercell storms. This newly embraced term has quickly spread among the general public. The population has been rapidly shifted onto a frequency of fear, constantly monitoring red alerts and  Tesla instrument radar.

Tesla's Extraordinary Hypnotic Abilities

Tesla himself was an extraordinary hypnotist. Stories reveal how he mesmerized individuals like Frid Živić, the world champion in the light heavyweight category, and showcased his power over human psychology.

Tesla's Inventions Today: The Perilous Hands They Rest In

All of this, and who knows what else Tesla left behind in his documents, is now in the hands of those who play with his inventions today. The potential for misuse and manipulation raises concerns about the implications of controlling such powerful technologies.