How Scientists Hacked Tesla's Software

Discover the groundbreaking hack that gives Tesla owners free access to premium features, from seat heating to enhanced performance, unlocking a new realm of driving experience 

Revolutionizing Tesla Ownership: Free Access to Premium Software Features

Scientists from the Technische Universität Berlin have made a remarkable breakthrough, offering Tesla owners an unprecedented opportunity. By hacking into Tesla's model, they've unlocked the potential for customers to activate premium features such as seat heating without the usual hefty price tag.

Insider Insights: The Minds Behind the Hack

Meet the ingenious minds behind this groundbreaking feat. Christian Werling, a key researcher, emphasizes that they are not outsiders with malicious intent. They are genuine Tesla owners striving for fairness, challenging the need for customers to shell out an extra $300 for rear heated seats.

Unveiling the Hack: Disrupting the Processor's Code

The core of this feat lies in manipulating the AMD processor unit of Tesla's infotainment system. By precisely altering the voltage at a specific moment, the researchers can trick the processor into accepting their customized code, overriding standard instructions.

Empowering Tesla Enthusiasts: Unleashing Permanent System Changes

Once access is gained, a world of possibilities unfolds. From enabling seat heating to enhancing overall car performance or unlocking the coveted Full Self-Driving system, Tesla owners can now enjoy these features without the financial hurdle.

The Hack That Stands Strong: Challenging Tesla's Status Quo

According to experts, this specific hacking method is no simple glitch; it demands a physical processor upgrade in Tesla's infotainment system to truly counteract. The hackers themselves are poised to share their insights at the upcoming Black Hat USA conference, revealing the true potential of their discoveries.